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Women's Mules

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Women’s Mules

If there is footwear that perfectly captures the essence of comfort and style, it's women’s mule shoes. Despite being around for centuries, these shoes continue to adorn fashion magazines and runways and stand the test of time. That is why many women continue to flaunt these shoes during all occasions.

Verali Shoes has a wide selection of women's mules for sale that will become your go-to pair for casual or formal events. Whether you prefer heeled options or flats, we offer various designs that suit your needs and sense of style.

Discover our vast collection today, and let your personality shine through your chosen pair of mules!

Dress to Flatter with Womens Mules Australia

Brief History

The history of these shoes dates back to ancient Rome, but it wasn't until the 16th century that the first ones created were coined with the Latin term "mulleus calceus", which means "red-soled shoe". The original versions of these backless shoes had soles in shades of red or purple, as those were the only available dyes at the time. Mules were exclusive shoes that could only be worn by the three highest magistrates or elected officials.

When the 17th century came around, these were made even more known to the public as elite women in the French court, like Madame de Pompadour and Marie Antoinette, wore them to balls. In the 20th century, they gained popularity as casual shoes when Hollywood actresses like Marilyn Monroe showcased them on their days off.

Mules, Clogs and Slides: What’s the Difference?

These three types of footwear usually cause confusion among shoe buyers who aren't familiar with their differences. The three shoes have similar features at first glance, and they're most often used interchangeably. But each has unique traits that set them apart from one another.

Let's find out their differences so you can pick which best matches your personality!


The mule is a slip-on shoe with no back strap. It normally has a low or flat heel and is a dressier shoe. So, it can be used for formal and casual occasions. In this collection, you'll discover designs made of various materials like suede, leather, and more.


These are more casual than women's mule shoes. These are also slip-on shoes, but they are closed-toed and have wooden platform soles. They originated from Scandinavia and the Netherlands and were most popularly worn by the working class.


Slides are the most laidback footwear option as they have an open back, open toes, and no heels. They are perfect for spring and summer as they allow the feet to breathe easily, as they are made of lightweight materials that don't trap heat inside.

Express Your Style with Mules from Verali Australia

Verali Shoes is the best online shoe store for the fun-loving woman who always wants to be on top of her fashion game. Our wide range of stylish and trendy shoes won't disappoint even the most discerning shopper. Whether you're looking for a classic pair of pumps or a statement-making sandal, we have you covered.

Get 15% OFF your first order of women's mule shoes (or any shoe!) when you sign up to join our Verali community. You can even enjoy free shipping Australia-wide for orders over $50. Talk about a major steal!

We can't wait to see what you're wearing this season, so remember to tag us when you're out and about with your new chic mules from Verali!